The best bingeworthy horror shows to watch this October

Horror shows are exactly what we need to get us in the Halloween spirit. We've cherry picked five of the most chilling.

Horror shows are about to come into their own as we close in on Halloween. From chilling tales of haunted houses to a reimagined childhood favourite, there are plenty to choose from this October.

If you're seeking something of the spooktacular nature, here are three top picks to sink your teeth into. So, get those PJs on, comfy socks and jumper at the ready, sit back with some popcorn and... remember to lock to doors.

American Horror Story


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Fear everything. All seasons of AHS are now ad free on FX+.

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Halloween wouldn't be complete without an instalment of American Horror Story, available now on FX and Netflix. The show has seven seasons with an eighth currently running in the US called 'Apocalypse'.

For those uninitiated, the way AHS works might seem confusing. It reboots every season with a different premise, but uses many of the same actors playing different roles. Many people consider the first season "Murder House" to be the best, but personally, I think they all have something to offer. There are certainly some gorey elements to the different seasons, but there's also a slight soap opera feel too which is fun. Basically, if you like your horror with a little wink, this could be the perfect choice.


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina


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No rest for the wicked. #CAOS premieres Oct 26.

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If you grew up in the '90s and noughties there's a good chance you'll remember Melissa Joan Hart as Sabrina. And, of course, Salem the talking cat. Well, this isn't anything like that. Think more The Craft than the regular sitcom you knew and you'll be halfway there. It's darker, more dramatic and much more chilling. The new show will be streaming on Netflix from 26th October.

The Haunting of Hill House


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Don’t mind me. Just came to say hello.

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If you like drama, suspense and a certain level of dread coursing through your veins then look no further than The Haunting of Hill House. The series has been gaining acclaim from both reviewers and viewers alike and will send chills down your spine. It's the first bonafide horror hit for Netflix and centres around a creepy old house and the family who were entwined in its story. A well-travelled road in the genre of horror it might be, but this isn't a cliche.

Will you be watching any of these this October?

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