Couples Yoga - Would You?

You've probably got that friend who constantly posts pictures of themselves at the finish line of a marathon or covered in mud from Runamuck or flaunting their perfect body while jauntily leaning against a surfboard (no, we are not jealous at all) as well as the friend who feels the need to update their status to tell you how great their relationship is. Now imagine those two different annoying people as one über-annoying person, and you can begin to understand couples yoga. 

The idea, if you haven't yet stumbled across it, is for loved up couples to prove that they're in great shape and that their relationship is so amazingly perfect all at the same time. (No, you did not see a glimpse of green in our eyes!)

It's known as both AcroYoga and CouplesYoga, and the trend has really taken off on Instagram, where there's even an account dedicated to showcasing the best pictures of people engaging in the practice and displaying their moves, pointing us all towards "the importance of trust and communication".


If you want to take things even further, you could explore the tag #yogakisses, which isn't as big yet but is growing all the time.

Or else, and this is our recommendation, watch this compilation of animals getting involved as people try to do yoga, with hilarious results. It's much better.


Via NY MagMain pic via oxygenyaletown/Instagram

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