Diaz manages to avoid alcohol during 'Drinko' game...

Cameron Diaz has been declared "pregnant" by the internet almost as many times as Jennifer Aniston at this point, and the ongoing rumours hotted up earlier this month with Diaz pictured wandering around a rather hot LA swaddled in a woollen cardigan. Well, she's happily hitched to Good Charlotte's Benji Madden - it's the natural assumption.

Now the internet will be tickling itself silly given she managed to avoid any alcoholic beverages during Jimmy Fallon's Drinko game, which sees participants take turns dropping discs into random cups filled with various concoctions, before forcing each other to drink the contents "in a Plinko-like game."

Cameron goes first and instead of "forcing" Jimmy to drink the mixture of Salsa Verde and Kale Smoothie she picked for him, she insists on drinking it herself. When he then manages to nail Limoncello and Absinth, she coerces him to drink it because he "clearly cheated". That and she'd obviously heave it up given the retch deployed when she gets a whiff of the Absinth.


Are you or have you been pregnant? How did you avoid drinking in public? You can only use "I'm on antibiotics" so many times!

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