Diets For Pets?

Fat Cat

One of my cats is FAT.

I used to think Spice was just cute and cuddly - but now he looks as though his head is too small for his body. Everyone who comes into the house laughs cruelly at him. Shauna calls him Rick Waller.

I've tried to covertly cut down on his food - but when you've two other cats like I do it's quite difficult. He gobbles his food and then pushes the others out of the way and eats theirs. So as you can see it's not a metabolic problem. It's a greedy pig problem.

To be honest I don't have the time to be supervising them all. In the mornings on the way out to work, the food goes into the bowls and I'm out the door.


So I brought him to the vet. Who agreed he was at risk of diabetes and so on. But laughed his head off at the thought of putting him on a diet.

"It won't work" he scoffed. "Sure he's nice fat. That's his breed type".

Spice is a Premier Champion cat, a Best of Breed and all that. Well he was. But now he's let himself go so much theres not much chance of him winning any more rosettes.

Has anyone else had an animal that they successfully dieted? I'd be grateful for any tips!

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