Don't Buy Us a Selection Box This Year Unless It's This One

I may have moved on from the Spraoi and Siamsa (do you remember those? do you remember the smell of those?) but one thing I haven't moved on from in the snow globe of a Christmas childhood is the selection box.

I will never move on from the selection box.

Now I will eat neither the Fudge nor the Chomp but if you touch my mini pack of Buttons, I will hunt you down like a turkey.

And this year, the stakes have been raised. Behold the selection box of my dreams.


Dont bother buying me a selection box this year.... Unless it looks like this ?????

Posted by Nathan Ellement onĀ Thursday, 8 October 2015

Would you like to join me in this chocolate feast? And by join me I mean GET YOUR OWN.

But you can have my Chomp.

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