Drag queen version Adele meeting real Adele will make your Thursday

If you happened to be at Adele's Seattle concert the other day, you may have been forgiven for thinking there was something wrong with your eyesight.

Rather than the crowd collectively seeing double, there were two Adeles, dressed identically, sharing a stage at one point during the English singer's gig.

One of them, however, was a drag queen called Kristie Champagne, who bore a striking resemblance to the star (if you're sitting in the very, very back row and squint a bit.)

Ms Champagne - real name Kristopher Zello - works at Seattle club La Faux as an Adele drag impersonator and even had a dress handmade for the occasion. She was brought on stage by the real Adele, who told her doppelganger 'You look so amazing!' and even asked her to switch dresses.


Via Mashable

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