EastEnders bad boy returning for Christmas

The soaps are all gearing up for their upcoming festive drama because God forbid anyone actually had a happy Christmas in soapland. EastEnders certainly won't be having a merry yuletide, especially with the news that the one and only Max Branning is returning to the Square.

Jake Wood is reprising the role after a year-long break from the soap which saw his character wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Lucy Beale. Max was released last May when it was finally revealed that young Bobby Beale was the real killer. However, Max did not return to the the Square and nobody has heard from him since. Given that Max was well aware that the Beales had let him rot in jail, and that even his daughters Lauren and Abi both knew that that Bobby was the culprit, we can understand why he wouldn't be in a rush back. Now that he is though, no doubt he will have revenge on his mind.

EastEnders Max Branning

Speaking of his possible return to the soap earlier in the year (before it was confirmed), Jake said; "I’d like to see him coming after Ian Beale for setting him up, I think that would be a good storyline. Hopefully he’ll come out of prison looking for revenge!"

Whatever he has in store, it's bound to make for a cracker of a Christmas episode. And no, we're not even sorry for that pun.


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