EastEnders' Ian Beale is after losing an impressive amount of weight

Yes, we know Ian Beale's real name is Adam Woodyatt, but given that he has played that character since the beginning of time, we're just going to call him Ian Beale.

So anyways, Ian Beale was on The One Show last night and viewers couldn't get over how much weight the Albert Square restaurant owner had lost. We're not saying he was fat before, but well, the pounds were creeping on, and he was even told to lose weight by a doctor recently. We blame his days in the chippy.

Turns out, Ian Beale has been preparing for the London Marathon this Sunday, alongside his son Sam...well, Adam Woodyatt's son. Okay, fine, this is getting complicated now, we'll switch to his real name.

Adam Woodyatt's 18-year-old son Sam was in a road traffic accident last year which left him for fighting for his life. Thankfully, he is doing well now and the pair started training for the marathon in aid of London Air Ambulance, who flew Sam to hospital after he was hit by a car last September.

Sam needed five hours of life-saving surgery "to put him back together" and spent weeks in a wheelchair before finally being able to walk.


The father and son have been training hard for the 26-mile run that awaits them this Sunday, with Adam even going on a no-carb diet in preparation, and well, you can see the difference it's making to his physique. Although as Sam reminded him, he'll need to load up on those carbs ahead of the challenge that awaits them on Sunday.

Speaking about their marathon training, Sam explained: "I didn't know that he only started training in February. I started training in January when I could walk again!"

"And he's still quicker," Adam added.

Sam said: "It was mostly when I started training, I had to go a bit slower – I couldn't run as long."


"Could you go a bit slower on Sunday?" joked Adam.

Best of luck to the pair this Sunday! Rather them than us...

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