Emmerdale is attempting something no soap ever has next week

These days, it's taking more and more for the soaps to outdo each other, with many of them now regularly pulling off live episodes, impressive stunts, and groundbreaking storylines.

Next week however, Emmerdale is trying something totally unique that we think even non-soap fans will appreciate. The first four episodes of the week will focus on the same 24 hour period, but from the point of view of a different character group. Each of these episodes will begin with a flash forward, and straight away it will become clear that somebody is going to die by the end of the week.

The first episode will be told from the perspective of Robert and Aaron, who end up kidnapping Lachlan for reasons we won't spoil right now. Tuesday's episode will focus on Rhona and Paddy, Wednesday's episode will be all about James and Emma, who are currently recreating Stephen King's Misery by the looks of it, while the fourth episode will follow Ashley and Laurel for Dotty's christening.

Thursday's second episode then will see all these storylines come together, and by Friday, three villagers lives will hang in the balance... and one of them will definitely not make it.


The show's producer, Iain MacLeod, has said this upcoming week is the proudest work he has done so far in his career, and it was always his plan as soon as he took over the soap.

Each episode next week will be like a one-off drama in itself, with filming techniques are set to be different from what you'd normally see on Emmerdale, while the final stunt will be off the charts.

Basically, you don't want to miss Emmerdale next week. It all kicks off on UTV Ireland at 7pm on Monday.

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