Idina Menzel gives 'Wind Beneath My Wings' all she's got in Beaches remake trailer

ICYMI, the tragic 1988 classic Beaches starring Bette Midler is getting a remake from Lifetime.

Idina Menzel (best known for starring in Frozen and getting the song ‘Let It Go’ stuck in our heads forever and ever and ever) and Nia Long (from Big Momma’s House and Are We There Yet?) star as two women who have been friends since meeting on a beach in childhood.

While their friendship stays strong, even as their lives take very different paths, tragedy comes to threaten their bond.

Menzel can be heard blasting out the song made famous by Midler in the original and there’s no doubt she has the lungs for it.

Beaches airs on January 21st on Lifetime. See the trailer here:




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