Eva Mendes has given birth to her second child already

It seems like only a few weeks ago when  news "broke" that the Ryans (that being Gosling and Reynolds) were both expecting their second child with their respective partners. That's because it was only a few weeks ago. And, as it happens, Eva Mendes reportedly gave birth to her second child with Ryan Gosling's a few weeks ago. We applaud their covertness in this regard. Speaking as someone who's currently 8 months pregnant and resembling a small mini-van; pregnants are hard to miss.

According to the birth certificate - which TMZ managed to get their mitts on it, because TMZ, and nothing's sacred - their baby girl was born on April 29th and has been named Amada Lee Gosling. The newborn's big sister, Esmeralda Amada (seemingly Amada is Eva's grandmother's name), is due to turn 2-years-old on September 12th. - so the new parents really have their hands full.

42-year-old Eva was last seen two weeks prior to the birth and managed to cover her bump with a bag as she's "notoriously private."


While we'd like to impart a wholehearted congrats to the couple, we can't help but feel sorry the world found out this way - and not the usual method of a statement or a tweet.



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