Fair City fans are SO OVER the Katy storyline - and last night's tweets were hilarious

It's been over a year since Katy O'Brien went missing in Fair City, and at last, she has escaped, only she has taken her bleedin' captor with her in a serious case of dragging out a storyline Stockholm Syndrome.

Although we have to hand it to the soap, they've succeeded in getting the entire nation talking about a storyline, even non-Fair City fans know of the plight of poor Katy. However, we're all just about at the end of our tether with it now and last night viewers couldn't help express their frustration as they watched Ciaran and Katy's lame attempt of going on the run which seemed to pretty much involve driving/hobbling around the grounds of RTE.


Ask and you shall receive...

Sigh. It's true...


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