Pics: Fair City viewers finally get a glimpse of Katy's captor tonight

For the love of jaysus, Fair City, could somebody please find Katy already? She's been trapped in that room for months now and neither she nor we have any idea who's keeping her there.

Tonight, however, we finally get a glimpse of her captor, albeit, in a balaclava. So far, all Katy has heard is a muffled voice and has never seen anybody in person since she has been in that room. In tonight's episode, she lashes out in frustration and wrecks the place, convinced that it's Tommy Dillon that has her. Afterward, her kidnapper enters the room annnnnd... it's Tommy! Joking, we have no idea who it is.


Surely they will have to wrap this storyline soon though? We get it, Fair City. You're doing your own version of last year's Oscar nominee 'Room', but get to the epic escape already. They surely won't leave it until Christmas??

Oh God. They will, won't they.

Catch Fair City tonight on RTE1 at 8pm.

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