Fair City's Paul cheats AGAIN tonight with another Carrigstown lady

Paul 'the scoundrel' Brennan is at it again in Fair City, barely one week since he was last trying to lock lips with some young one. The notorious Carrigstown Casanova was making moves on Farrah last week, but was soon sent packing, and it wasn't long before his long-suffering wife Niamh found out.

Not content with all that drama, Paul has set his sights on Hayley, or more so she has set her sights on him, but we all know Paul doesn't need much convincing.

Tonight's Fair City sees the pair flirting up a storm in the office once more, and later when they're in The Station with Dermot, Hayley tells Paul she is going back to the office to work late (*whistles* "ow! Wink, wink, hubba hubba).

Paul receives the message loud and clear and follows her back to the office where they get it on, Carrigstown schtyle.


Little do they know, they aren't alone...

Catch it all tonight on Fair City at 8pm on RTE1.

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