Fantasy Fling: All I want for Christmas is YOOOOOU!

Dreams really can come true you know. When I heard that Laura Whitmore was "doing a line" (alas that innocent expression has an entirely different meaning these days) with David Gandy - surely one of the most sexy men in the world - I just thought YES!

Now Laura is more gorgeous of course than yer average wan, an MTV babe and carving out her own place in stardom. BUT - she is one of us! She's a down to earth Dublin girl who has charmed the Speedos off one of the yummiest men on the planet. And for that Laura you have earned more respect from us than you will ever know. And we salute you.

So if you could have a fantasy fling with anyone - anyone at all - who would it be?


Who would you like to unwrap at on Christmas morning? Brad Pitt, David Beckam, Daniel Craig, Henry Cavil Robert Patterson, Tommy Bowe or any of the Fifty Fine Things - the floor is open!

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