Feeling bloated and fugly? The Beaut.ie guide to Fat Day Dressing

Ok, let’s face it, we all have fat days. Even Victoria Beckham talks about how she covers up in sweater dresses on her ‘fat’ days. (I know, let’s not even go there!)

Apart from the obvious days of fluid retention and menstrual bloating, there are lots of fat days. Those horrible post-holiday fat days when the tan doesn’t make up for the belly, weekends away with the girls fat days, fat days after a week of being sad, super fat days after a week of being happy. But the most fat of all fat days have to be Christmas fat days.

Considering most of us eat like a gazillion calories on Christmas day and let’s be honest here, probably the next few days too, and it only takes about 3500 calories to put on a pound, it’s no wonder we all hate our blobby bellys at the start of the New Year.

But make sure the ‘puppy fat’ is just for Christmas, and enjoy the pigging out, it’s good for your metabolism and then remember you do want to lose it, so don’t start wearing ‘comfortable’ clothes that will let you forget, but wear clothes that flatter your temporary extra layers - I mean curves! You probably won’t have put on weight anywhere other than your middle so showcase your best bits. If you have good boobs, get them out, the same with toned arms and skinny legs.

Dresses are great if you are feeling fugly, especially empire line dresses and wrap dresses, both of which are very flattering. Wear with tights and boots or ankle boots and all in the one colour to streamline your look.


Skinny jeans and a long loose top
 are the default wardrobe choice for most of us when what we really feel like wearing is a burka, but it’s a perfect way to conceal a holiday belly.  The tightness of the waistband should help to remind you that you don’t want to hold onto those extra few pounds.
Sweater dresses are great to cosy up and still feel small.

Chunky knits work best as they are less form fitting. A great look with flat knee high boots. Blazers over a loose shirt look very dressy and carry a big bag to make you look even smaller! Don’t forget your peplum tops, which will cover a multitude.

Tunic tops and dresses are perfect and can be worn later with a belt when you are feeling more svelte.

Black is usually thought of as the most slimming choice (I mean look at Phil Mitchell for eh inspiration)  but a pop of colour can work just as well and will feel much more cheerful.  The same colour top to bottom can make for a sleeker look.

BUT if you decide to go the opposite way and wear bold prints and patterns they'll distract from any less than perfect areas.


Heels will elongate your legs and make them look even skinnier. And of course accessories are great to attract attention from the parts you are not happy with.

And you know there is always Spanx! And if all else fails, get running around the sales - just don’t stop for snacks! 

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