Last night, First Dates had its most awkward and brutal moment yet

We all love a bit of First Dates, particularly now we've got our own version over here to be entertained by.

There's a lot to be said for watching the cringe of a first date all from the safety of your own couch, and of course, often we are won over by some delightful character and can't help but root for them.

That was not the case with one particular bloke in the First Dates restaurant last night, however.

John and Greig were paired up for a date, and things took a rather brutal turn when John returned from having a cigarette ahead of the main course.

He told Greig: "It sounds really bad but… I don’t find you attractive."

He went on: "You’re a really genuine guy, right, and we seem to get along… but I just don’t have that connection with you. What’s the point in staying and having a main course?"

Eh, because it's polite?


Greig, who was clearly taken aback, then paid for his half so far and left. He took it incredibly well considering, and said in his post-date interview: "It was bizarre, we were on a blind date, we were joined together to have a laugh and a giggle and, don't be a dick!" he laughed.

Don't worry Greig, we reckon you were well out of his league anyways.

The craziest part of it all was, John actually waited around and ate his main course alone, telling Maître D' Fred: "I've gotta have me dinner. You've got to eat."


Watch the incredible awkwardness of it all below:



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