Tyla from Love Island was on First Dates last night and confused everyone

Love Island may have finished for another summer but that hasn't kept its stars off the television.

First Dates viewers were surprised last night to see former contestant Tyla Carr on the show so soon after she had been in the villa.

However it was actually just a clever move by Channel 4 who decided to repeat the episode which featured Tyla (or Tyler as she called herself then) which originally aired back in December.

It saw the then 22-year-old go out on a date with 30-year-old Bobby, who memorably brought his mum along with him as she was also going a date in the restaurant. The pair hit it off and said they would definitely like to see each other again, but eh, clearly that didn't work out.

Tyla's appearance on the show caused quite a stir though with many thinking it was filmed after her appearance on Love Island.


And some had just had enough...

Still though, smart move by Channel 4...


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