Four fab shorts for working out and going about

Gym gear is still on my radar this week. I know the weather is going from heat waves to flash floods, but when I am working out in my gym it gets very hot! The majority of my recent purchases have been shorts; whether I’m with a client or training myself, they are essential for keeping cool.

Quality is so important if you are pushing your gear to the limits, but sometimes a cheap pair of shorts will do the trick. I have gathered up some of my favourite shorts and as you can see I mix cheaper options with a few more expensive ones too. Long or short, loose or tight, there are so many options when choosing shorts and, to be honest, I love all types.

My workout wardrobe is very versatile; there’s no point dropping a load of cash on something you’ll only wear in a spin class. I like to find gym clothes I feel comfortable enough in that I don’t mind popping to my local coffee shop in. Aside from keeping you comfortable, dry and cool, the right shorts will make you feel like a million dollars, so it’s important to find ones that flatter your figure so you can hit the gym in style.

      • Nike Pro shorts

These are tight booty shorts that cut directly under the butt. No one wants to see camel toe, so if I’m honest about these shorts I’m a little paranoid when I’m wearing them! These are the only ones I have that you won’t meet me doing the shopping in. I generally wear these on holidays or when I’m lucky enough to have the gym to myself or just with my gym buddy. These are widely available in sports stores for around €25.

      • Penneys grey shorts

Working on the posterior chain is so important! I include this exercise in my workout at least once a week. ? #ladieswholift

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I love these; you can’t go wrong with shorts for a couple of Euro. They are a little bit longer than the Nike Pro’s, and the fabric is nice and thick. I wear these out and about and to the gym, but if you are prone to working up a sweat, then I think it’s best to stick to a darker colour. Grey is the worst colour for highlighting all the sweat.

      • Blue/grey casual shorts

These are just so cute; I love them, and they are also chip as chips: I got two pairs for €18 in Elverys. I wear these when I’m with clients and general lounging about the place and less for working out. The fabric is a little heavy for me to wear to the gym, but they are so comfortable, and I love the fit.

      • Nike 2-in-1 shorts

What my gym looks like in Ibiza ?? ? loving my @littlewoodsirl sportsbra #ibiza

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These shorts are great for training as you’ve the tighter short underneath for support and the outer short for modesty. These cost €42 so they are an investment; I have promised myself that I’m going to get my money's worth from these so I will be wearing them flat out all through the summer.

My number one tip when buying shorts is TRY THEM ON! Find out which styles suit the type of workout you need them for, and do not be afraid to squat and lunge in the fitting room to make sure they aren’t see-through and don’t ride too far up when you move.

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