Further Proof that Irish Mammies Can't Take a Compliment

Also, before you start panicking, Ireland's Mother's Day was two months ago. So don't panic - you're not a terrible daughter for forgetting. It was, however, Mother's Day across the water in the States over the weekend which probably inspired this video.

And this lovely little video shows just how humble Irish mammies are and not at all able to take a compliment.

As you can guess, most reactions range from "Ah shure shtop, will ya" to "Oh God, what do you want?"

Have a watch and be sure to ring your Mam when you get home, let her know you're safe and that you've had your dinner and are wearing thermals.


Now tell us, should the Irish Mammy holding a tea towel be the national emblem? And how would your Mammy have reacted if you'd called her?

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