Some genius has started a petition to end the Katy kidnapping storyline on Fair City

It's still happening

A long, long time ago, in a place called Carrigstown, a young girl called Katy O'Brien went missing. What we all didn't realise then, was that we were now entering into one of the longest storylines to ever happen to any soap ever.

For a while we just thought she had scarpered because her mam was having it off with Tommy Dillon, but later (like, months later) it emerged that she had in fact been kidnapped, and then a while later after that (again, months later) we discovered that it was, of course, Ciaran aka the dude from Love/Hate that just happened to rock up around the time Katy went missing.

I've shared my exasperation most days over on Soap Watch, however, one fan has taken it a step further as has put together a petition to end this madness now.

William Thomas writes: "Last May a girl called Katy O'Brien went missing in a soap called Fair City in Ireland. We eventually found out in September she was being held captive by a masked man and then it was revealed to be the most obvious person called Ciaran. Ciaran was introduced a few episodes just before Katy went missing and almost became part of the O'Brien family. He instantly became part of the community after getting a job off Paul Brennan."


He continues: "We later found out he also rents his own garage where he fixes motorbikes. He also rents a house in Dublin. For a single man this is a lot of money. Whilst feeding/clothing a girl he's keeping locked up. Anybody who watches the show knows how tedious this is becoming. I could write so much more. Ciaran got a woman pregnant and is living with her and her brain damaged sister who knows about Katy but she can't remember."

The man makes some good points.

The petition was started just two days ago and already has almost a thousand signatures. Check it out here if you want to get on board and "Save the Carrigstown One".

Here's hoping that poor girl sees some daylight this side of Christmas.


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