A Gilmore Girls rooftop party is happening in Dublin, and soon!

We don't know about you, but the arrival of all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls on Netflix in August has been responsible for many a lost afternoon. What can we say? It's the warm hug of TV shows.

Ahead of the much anticipated four-part reboot series arriving on Netflix later this month, Temple Bar pub Bad Bobs is holding a Gilmore Girls Party on Friday 18th November. They are promising an evening of cocktails, Lane Kim guaranteed tunes and coffee, coffee, coffee.

There will also be prizes for best costume, while you can vote for the most worthy Gilmore's Guy.

Drinks promos on the night include;

-Vodka/Rum& a dash- €4 ,
-3 Rorys-€10
-3 Santa Cruz-€10


So gather all your Stars Hollow loving friends and spend the night celebrating the magical show that is the Gilmore Girls.

Head to the Facebook events page here, while you can get tickets here.

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