Watch: A girl missing for five years phoned into This Morning

Things got pretty emotional on an episode of This Morning earlier in the week when presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield received a call from a woman who had been missing for five years.

Laura Miller called the show to leave a message for her father and revealed that she is now also the mother of twin daughters.

Laura told the presenters; "Basically I left my family home five years ago and there was a lot going on at the time and I had to leave for my own sanity, and now I feel like I need to reconcile with my family.

"I think that they have [stayed in the same place], I've checked Facebook and other means - not the Facebook I used to use."

She said she wanted her father to know she was okay; "I was really close to him before I left and I just want to say sorry to him, and it wasn't about what happened with the family.


"It was more my state of mind at the time. He also has two granddaughters that he hasn't met and I feel quite bad about that."

Watch below;

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