The trailer for the final season of Girls is here - and Hannah's the exact same as season 1

We still can't believe that we have somehow reached the final ever season of Girls, although we're also kind of delighted that the show won't continue on just for the sake of it.

The characters on this show have evolved at a steady pace and each leading lady has navigated their way through their individual character arcs well, any more would be overkill.

Undoubtedly, even the biggest fans of the series will admit it dipped around season three, and to be honest, it lost us for a while too, but season five came back with a rip-roaring bang. Perhaps the key to it being that Lena Dunham had begun the process of taking the microscope off the fairly irritating Hannah and let the spotlight shine on the rest of the girls for a while - who are also extremely irritating, but let's face it, that's where a lot of the humour lies with Girls.

Season six picks up pretty much where we left off, as Hannah attempts to get her writing career back up and running and become that 'voice of a generation' she proclaimed she wanted to be back in season one. Jessa and Adam are still together despite their explosive row in the season five finale, while Hannah and Jessa's friendship is still in tatters. Marnie is as confused as ever and seems to find herself involved with both Ray and Dessie, while Shosh and Elijah are still being their hilarious selves.

No doubt there's more drama to come for these ladies before the final credits roll, let's just hope it all comes to somewhat of a satisfying conclusion.

Girls season 6 kicks off on February 12th on HBO, and no doubt soon after that on Sky Atlantic.

Here's a promo from last year too...



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