Hello 1997: My Best Friend's Wedding is Getting a TV Spin-Off

Every so often we genuinely start to worry that TV and movie land are slowly but surely starting to run out of ideas and are literally pitching storyboards from the eighties and nineties they found in a basement. There are remakes EVERYWHERE these days, and while they do provide a nice nostalgic nod, more often than not they just taint the original in our minds somehow.

Now it's the turn of nineties classic rom-com My Best Friend's Wedding to get the modern day overhaul, a movie probably most notable for that frankly sensational performance of Say A Little Prayer For You, and probably the only time in movie history that Julia Roberts didn't get the guy.

Ever wonder what happened to Julianne after the credits rolled? Did she sail off into the sunset with her gay bestie George (Rupert Everett)?

Well now you can find out as ABC have announced they are developing a half-hour comedy based on the movie that is set to pick up where the 1997 flick left off, following Julianne and George as they navigate life in New York city.

It's even got the movie's original screenwriter, Ron Bass, on board to write the script along with with Jessica Amento, and original producers Jerry Zucker and Janet Zucker will executive produce with Bass and Mike Menchel.


We can only hope they pick a decent modern day Julia Roberts, but let's just hope they leave this marvelous rendition of Aretha Franklin back in 1997....

And here's an added bonus clip of this gut wrenching scene that still stirs something in our cold, cold hearts to this day...

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