Here's what Cora, the girl from Titanic who got to dance with Leo DiCaprio, looks like now

Winner of 11 Oscars and one of the highest-grossing films at the box office of all time, Titanic remains a classic

While we know the film essentially solidified the star statuses of Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, who played the tragic young lovers Jack and Rose, you may also recall Cora, the little girl aboard the ill-fated ship.

In the film, Cora is travelling to America with her father when Jack takes her under his wing. She danced with Jack below deck and then Rose cut in. Leo told Cora ‘You’re still my best girl’ and heck, who wouldn’t be cool with Leo going off to dance with someone else as long as you’ve that commitment?


The actress was played by Alexandrea Owens and twenty years on, she is now working in Los Angeles as an actress, writer and improviser.

Recently, she chatted with Cosmopolitan and had the cutest stories to share about her memories on the set of Titanic.

On Leonardo, she said:  "There was so much of Jack in Leo, definitely. He was very sweet; he was very goofy, absolutely adorable. He always had a smile on his face, it was great."

When asked if she knew that Leo was a world-famous heartthrob, Alex said: "I didn’t ever really notice that; I wasn’t really paying attention, because I was thinking, ‘This is my new best friend Leo, and he’s so cool’.


"It was funny because, that year – especially after filming – that’s when he was all over the J-14 magazines. People at school would bring the magazines in and I would be like, ‘Oh, I know him’… You know, like a total little snob. They’d all say, ‘We know you know him! Shut up!’"

She also had positive things to say about her co-star Kate Winslet: "In between scenes, we would hang out, and Kate would come up and talk to us too — she was obsessed with my sister’s hair, so she was always playing with it… And Leo would try to chase my sister around and tickle her."

Alex unfortunately hasn’t kept in touch with Leo (“I don’t. And it’s such a bummer. I wish I did”) but she still remembers the experience of shooting Titanic fondly and shares old pictures from the film on social media (plus she’s happy to sign autographs for fans, so sweet):







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