How did Saoirse Ronan respond to her Oscar nom?

This afternoon's Oscar nominations brought a lot of excitement to Ireland as 'Room' and 'Brooklyn' picked up multiple nods, and while she may not have been here to experience it, Saoirse Ronan has had just as an excited and emotional day so far.

Currently in New York prepping for her Broadway debut in 'The Crucible', Ronan was up and in rush to be ready for her much-expected nomination in the Best Actress category for 'Brooklyn' and spoke to press gathered in Greenwich Hotel soon after the announcement was made.

"Everyone is cheering in here," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "I ran into a shower, jumped out, and then brushed my hair and rushed over here to do press."

Ronan spoke with Brooklyn director John Crowley and her friend and co-star in the film Eileen O'Higgins right after the nominations were announced and said it was then that the emotions took over.


"As soon as I heard her voice I cried. She really helped me through some stuff in the film. Before I shot it, I thought this film is my first Irish film and that’s what it is to me. But when we went into it, it took on the role of representing home and homesickness and my relationship with my mom. And then going through all this, I’ve never done this before, it’s been an eye opener."

Fingers crossed she brings home the gold on February 28th, when the 88th Academy Awards will be hosted by Chris Rock in Hollywood.


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