Huge congrats are in order for Louise McSharry!

Let the day start with some huge congrats to Louise McSharry. She shared some pretty special news on her blog this morning, announcing her pregnancy. Having publicly spoken about and shared her battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, the 2FM presenter spoke of the joy of discovering that, despite the odds, she and husband Gordon Spierin will be expecting a little one later this year.

Her honest post spoke of the moment that she found herself in the office of a fertility specialist four months after being given the all clear, coming to terms with the difficulties that she would face in trying to conceive, saying 'the treatment which had saved my life had also decimated my egg count'.

'Over the following weeks I shared the bad news with some friends, who all did their best to reassure me. Many of them had their own stories of friends of friends who surprised themselves by getting pregnant when they thought they weren’t able to' she said. 'I shut them down one by one. I didn’t want to hear about the exceptions, because they were exceptions. I couldn’t bank on being an exception when I knew the probability was that I would be the rule'.


I'm curly now.

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'Then, a few months after we started trying, I got pregnant. We spent the seven weeks between finding out and going for a scan in total disbelief, barely telling anyone, and trying not to get our hopes up. This wasn’t meant to have happened! Then, last week, we saw our baby wriggling around on a screen in The Rotunda, and now there is simply no denying it. No matter what happens now there is a baby of our creation, and I have become the exception.'

She says they are absolutely delighted, a little bit terrified at the prospect of becoming proper adults and incredibly grateful that they have beaten the odds.

And we're sending her our biggest congratulations, wishing her a healthy and happy pregnancy.

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