If you're going to Beyoncé this weekend, do NOT let this happen to you

Since Beyoncé is only playing one night at Croke Park this coming weekend, this cautionary tale won't apply to Irish fans who have tickets - but let it be a warning to anyone who has tickets for a show that is running on multiple nights.

One woman on her way to see the superstar at London's Wembley Stadium on Sunday had her day pretty much ruined when she realised that her tickets were for the day before.

The woman - a South African photographer - revealed that she'd bought the tickets for herself, her husband and their son on Thursday "after a few Bacardis", not realising that she'd bought Saturday, rather than Sunday tickets. She realised her error on the train to the stadium, when she opened theTicketmaster app.

"It said only past events and I saw it said Saturday and realised the show was over and we couldn't go anymore," she told Buzzfeed. "I kept on thinking that it might be a mistake and maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing".

Some people were more helpful than others with suggestions:


Unfortunately for her, Queen Bey did not intervene and she did, indeed, miss the show. But there was a happy-ish ending, at least.


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