I'll Have What She's Having: Secret to Madonna's Eternal Youth Revealed


Ever wondered just how Madge manages to stay so youthful (ok, Madonna Hands aside)?

We can now reveal her secret cosmetic weapon.

Girls, let me introduce you to ... Photoshop.

"Super restorative Day Cream," the mocked-up pot boasts. "Intensive Wrinkle Remover!" it shouts. As well it might.  For Madonna has been attacked with pore-smoothin', eye brightenin', funny downy hair-removin' goodies and on the left appears approx one trillion years younger than her right-handed self.


Love this: it's a witty take on what we all know is true: 'slebs have the same pores, lines and textured skin as the rest of us; the difference is someone runs their pictures through the fabulising filter before they hit Facebook/the cover of Vogue.

Check out Giopets Graphic Art for a few more success secrets, made possible by the might of fancy image-editing software.

PS: Jezebel's piece on Models’ Real Faces, Before The Photoshop Magic is worth taking a look at too. For the reassurance, like.

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