FOMO: Electric Picnic Brings On Fear of Missing Out. Is Everyone Having Fun Without Me?

I don't usually get upset about missing out on things. There will always be another night out, another chance to meet for coffee, more time for the cinema. So when the term FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) was coined and everyone finally found a way to express their fear of social exclusion, I loftily excluded myself from the celebrations.

That was then. Now, I feel the FOMO, and all too keenly.


I think the whole country (except for the 35,000 jammy feckers who managed to get up to Stradbally) experienced FOMO over Electric Picnic 2013. The festival sold out for the first time since the recession began, and a nationwide scramble for tickets began in the week leading up to the event. Never before had I seen such bitterness and upset over a gig.

It was a different kind of feeling for me - I had actually bought a ticket before they had sold out, but had to sell it because of work (freelancer woes). Knowing I definitely would have beeen there had I got the time off...aaaargghh. Phone calls and Facebook updates from my friends there did nothing to dampen the flames of jealousy, and I read every review of each act obsessively. Yes - after years of feeling superior to anyone who express , I was experiencing a crippling degree of FOMO.

mindy Mindy knows what's up.

And it hasn't ended. I'm writing this on a Sunday, knowing tomorrow my friends will return from Electric Picnic with stories, inside jokes, amazing experiences, and I'm gonna have to sit there and silently steam with envy while pretending I am enthralled by their tales.

Does this mean the FOMO floodgates have been opened for me? Can I ever be alone for more than five minutes again without wondering if all my friends are having a secret piss-up somewhere? I can't live like this!

Tell me - does it bother you when you miss out on things? Have you had The Fear?

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