And this is why Jacob Tremblay is the world's cutest kid

Jacob Tremblay, star of Room, is the cutest damn kid to ever grace our screens. So charming and loved by pretty much the entire world - we're not sure any human alive could say 'I actually don't like him as an actor' - he's in with one hell of a chance to secure a role in the next Star Wars Episode IX.

The little cutie is a mahoosive Star Wars fan and references his love of the franchise at every opportunity. To celebrate Star Wars Day, otherwise known as May the 4th, he tweeted a photo of himself and co-star Naomi Watts (the pair are starring in the upcoming Shut In) and sent it in director Colin Trevorrow's direction, along with the caption 'for your consideration'.

The director acknowledged the young boy's tweet but, dammit, that's not enough, Colin! You need to actually give him a role. It's what we all want. It's what the world needs. Listen to the Twittersphere. Especially considering his use of the hashtag #ObiWanNaomi which is just GENIUS.


So, have you ever used Twitter to try to nab yourself a job?

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