Jennifer Anniston, Justin Theroux get engaged to a worldwide chorus of "AT LAST". GRRRR

The world breathed a collective sigh of relief this week when it was confirmed that Jen and Justin Theroux are getting hitched. Finally, we could stop feeling sorry for her and get on with our lives.

We could stop feeling sorry for her being  stunningly gorgeous. Sorry for her having a fabulous, glamorous career. Sorry for her having a fine head of hair. Sorry for her being eye-wateringly rich. Sorry for her having a wide circle of genuine friends.

But she was relentless portrayed as a sad lonely spinster who was only dying to get her claws into another man.  Why WAS she defined by her relationship status anyway is the question we need to ask.   Is she only worthwhile when she's married, or about to be married?


A selection of "poor Jen" obsessed covers

It's been impossible to open a magazine over the past seven years without being confronted with pictures and stories about Brad and Jen's love triangle with Angelina.  The two women were relentlessly pitted against each other and their style, expressions and clothes dissected and analysed.

Brad and Jen's  marriage broke up and they went their separate ways but we found it impossible to accept.   Of course it may have been the media who put this notion out there, but we bought the magazines and clicked on the websites. You only have to look at Twitter or Facebook over the past few days to see all the 'AT LAST' messages streaming in.

Thoughts please!

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