Jennifer Lopez lets her inner annoyed awkward teenager fly

Say what you want about Jennifer Lopez's acting skills, but she definitely knows how to play the part of an annoyed awkward teenager.

J.Lo's 'Gabby' appeared with Jimmy Fallon as he reprised his 'Ew!' sketch last night, donning pigtails, a fluffy cat jumper, more hair clips and bows than should be allowed on a human to moan about her "worst day ever" (her 'dad' joining Snapchat and friending her - just in case you didn't know that Fallon and The Tonight Show are "down" with the "kids").

Annoyingly, even though she's dressed like a neon fluffy teenybopper, she still manages to look better than most of us do right now. And damn if she can't dance better than all of us too.


Via YouTube

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