Jesse Eisenberg Answers Kristen Stewart's Sexist Interview Questions

Yes, it's a sketch and yes, they were probably both in on it, but that doesn't make the message any less valid.

Normal press interviews with actors are fastly becoming a thing of the past in favour of awkward/rude/inappropriate ones that get far more attention.

Thankfully for us, the people who staged this one are Funny or Die and Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg, who are currently plugging their film 'American Ultra' and decided to really shine a light on the ridiculous sexist questions that female actors tend to get compared to their male counterparts.

Below you'll see a (faux) bewildered Eisenberg answer questions on boobs, plastic surgery and personal relationships while a gleeful Stewart watches him squirm. We doubt everything said below is genuine, but it's pretty close to the truth regardless.


Via Funny or Die

We know that woman in Hollywood are still treated in a different, negative way in comparison to their male counterparts but hopefully, videos like this will help stir real change.

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