Jessica Simpson: live and un-madeup on Marie Claire cover

When I heard about Jessica Simpson going without makeup on the May cover of US Marie Claire I thought to myself "I'll believe it when I see it."

Of course when I did see it it was easy to spot that she has LOADS of makeup on! In fact she actually has a full face of slap on.

And why shouldn't she? If any of us were to appear in a magazine you'd have to cart the makeup into the studio in a wheelbarrow.

She definitely has foundation on - Jessica Simpson has bad skin - a fact that she has advertised herself by promoting Proactiv. She definitely has eyeliner and mascara on, blusher too. (I will send Crab in to look for eyeshadow - and I think he'll find it). And I'd put my money on highlighter also, she's suspiciously luminous in all the right places

Apparently her hair has been "air dried naturally." No, no it hasn't! I know what air dried hair looks like - a frizzy mess - and not gorgeously wavy and tousled.


Beautiful girl - glossy mag cover- why pretend she's not wearing makeup? For publicity of course (she is promoting a new show) - and it's worked.

What's your take?

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