JLaw Operates Some Type of Piggy Back Uber

That's not the only jape Ansari got up to after Amy Schumer's SNL hosting duties; he also topped a human pyramid comprising of Schumer and SNL cast mates...

But back to the piggy backing scenario... it really was a moment of beauty. A snapshot of fledgling friendship (Lawrence is shooting a movie with Chris Pratt, and has been hanging out with his Parks and Rec co-star Ansari presumably as a result). 32-year-old Ansari and 25-year-old Lawrence left the Wayfarer Restaurant in New York City following Schumer's SNL wrap party. Here she is, effortlessly carrying him to his car - just 'cause. As you can see, it's all in the abs, fair play to her.

Well, mostly effortlessly...


As it turns out, Aziz doesn't just top off a Schumer pyramid, he's also her head cheerleader when it comes to motivating her to write with Lawrence... Schumer entitled the below: "This morning @azizansari and Jen woke up an angel #sleepmanager."

Who's your cheerleader?

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