Johnny Depp, Amber Heard and that tattoo

You'd think after Johnny Depp's Winona tattoo, which he famously altered to read 'Wino Forever' following their split, he'd have the sense to not to do that again, but no. Soon after meeting Amber Heard, he got another tattoo to demonstrate his love for her, because this was going to be the love that transcended all previous relationships, but, of course, that's gone sour, so he's back to tattoo parlour for yet another fixer-upper.

While Winona Forever to Wino Forever gave people a laugh, his latest alteration has left fans more disturbed than anything else. After Heard and Depp were married, the Alice Through The Looking Glass actor had the word 'slim' tattooed across his knuckles, which people assumed was some kind of in-joke or perhaps a nickname for Amber because she's... slim? Anyhoo, he's changed that to read 'scum', as one hawk-eye paparazzo cleverly zoomed in on while Depp was on the move. Nice.



Other reports from People Magazine also say that his other Amber tattoo, the one of her face on his bicep, has since been blackened out.

We still eagerly await news on their ongoing trial.

See the tattoo here.

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