So Amber Heard's legal team have now apologised to Johnny Depp

The saga that has been the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce finally ended the other day when the pair recently released a joint statement that was the equivalent of yelling 'nothing to see here!' at the world. Read about it here.

In the latest and hopefully final instalment of the drama, Amber Heard's legal team have retracted an earlier statement and apologised to Depp. Following the settlement, where Heard reportedly was awarded £5 million, her legal team released a statement saying that Amber had been "vindicated in the public court of opinion".

Now, however, Heard's attorney Samantha Spector has said that that statement was released without the actress's knowledge:

"The statement is untrue and we retract it, without qualification. My assertion that Amber has been vindicated in the court of public opinion is not true. We regret the error and apologise to Johnny Depp," Spector said.

Depp has always denied any incidences of domestic violence in their marriage, while Amber has withdrawn her request for a restraining order with prejudice, so it can't be refiled.



Bizarre, eh? We will probably never really know what happened between those two, and at this stage, we're very much okay with that.

Anyone who has been affected by this story over the past few months, please do seek help from organisations such as Women's Aid and

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