Kate Middleton and the boobs: is there worse to come? YouPorn has an open chequebook on the unreleased footage

Christ on a bleeding bike every time I read the slightest criticism of Kate Middleton I am like a woman possessed.  I love her so much you see.  Every time I read that she's too thin, that she's not producing a heir quickly enough, that she's got hair extensions, that she's a cult figure on the the thinspo sites and that she's having a secret affair with HARRY, or she's wearing clothes that are too old for her.  MY BLOOD it actually BOILS in my veins.

Now obviously I'm not a royalist - I'm Irish for fecks sake with all the 800 years etc to get over - but I do actually find myself liking the new younger generation of British Royals.  Harry is a lad and the langer photos were hilarious - I'm the first to admit I laughed like a drain over them.

But I feel quite differently about the Kate boob photos, published by the French version of Closer.  Every British outlet turned them down ~(as they did with the Harry photos). Now they're nothing to get excited about -  for those of you who haven't seen them - they're just Kate in her bikini bottoms sunbathing in a place she thought was far far away from the prying lens of the paparazzi

So why did I (or anyone care)?  Because it's a goddamn invasion of privacy. She's NOT a celeb.  She's not in the cast of TOWIE parading her modified cleavage in Marbs.   Leave her alone.  The French Paps killed William's mother - why won't they leave his wife alone.


Here's the justification from the French ed of Closer for publishing the pics.  She comes out with all the expected crap - but she does say something very interesting at the end.  There were more photos and video - up to 60 more shots - which show much more intimate shennanigans.

And of course the online US gossip rags weren't a second fastening on to this little salacious detail.  TMZ (who else) reckon they've got the whole series of pictures and  published a letter from porn site YouPorn which has basically said that it will offer any amount of money for the pics and it has "an open checkbook".

So the Irish Daily Star and Italian magazine Chi also published the photos - talk about a cheap shot at publicity.  And then the Star pretended it would shut down the whole paper over the scandal. Give me a break.

The Royal Family is going to sue the ass off Closer and lets just watch and see who else is in the firing line.  This morning the French courts slapped an injunction on Closer, ordering them to turn over all the remaining photos or face a huge fine.  Alan Shatter can legislate in Ireland and I don't know anything about what the Italians might do - but no one can do anything about the Internet.


And even if they could is it too late?  Are the pics already out there?

This one is going to run and run.  What's your opinion.

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