Katy Perry's choice tweets after Calvin Harris' rant about Taylor last night were just perfect

Katy Perry gave everyone a lesson in how to stir the pot without saying anything last night.

Perry and Taylor Swift's ongoing feud is well documented and has served both well (arguably Taylor more), so it was only natural that after Calvin Harris unleashed his tirade against Swift and her team that she'd have something to say.

However, how she replied was just perfect.

Just a simple GIF of her hero and current Democratic nominee for President of the United States, which is just excellent for a number of reasons. Firstly, it's just a great GIF. Secondly, it's Hillary Clinton, who Perry has been publicly endorsing for a long time and, if pressured, Perry could just say she was continuing to support her. Thirdly, it's Hillary Clinton, the future President (hopefully) and a woman of greater experience and authority than both Perry and Swift, perfectly displaying what we all want Perry to say for herself.

And just in case there was any ambiguity about whether or not it was about Taylor, Perry then retweeted one of her old tweets.


Perry knows where the bodies are buried, and we can't wait until she decides to tell everyone.

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