Keisha from the Sugababes tried to buy wine using her Wikipedia page as ID

It's official - Keisha Buchanan is a legend.

We’ve all been stuck in the situation of forgetting ID when going to buy booze.

One can even take it as a compliment that you look under 21, but you’d think one would recognise one of the founding members of the Sugababes – singers of noughties classics like ‘Push the Button’, ‘Too Lost in You’, ‘Round Round’ and ‘Hold in the Head’.

Keisha Buchanan, who is 32 years old, found herself stuck for ID on the weekend when trying to buy a bottle of wine. When asked to produce proof of age, she used her Wikipedia page (which is pretty detailed) as ID, but to no avail.

She tweeted the following:



I think most places in Dublin would have just sold it to her, purely on the basis of it being such a ballsy move.

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