Kim Catrall Just Uses Scrubby Gloves - But do We Believe Her?

kim catrall and scrubby gloves


So, I get this email the other day and it attests that Kim Catrall swears by those scrubby gloves you can buy in Boots for a few quid - yes, the ones that feel like they're lacerating the arse off you - as one of her top beauty secrets.

Far be it for me to cast aspersions, but yeah right, was what I thought as my brows raised and my eyes rolled. If I was Kim Catrall and was a) loaded, b) famous and c) subject to the scrutiny of the world and all those evil red circles in magazines 'helpfully' pointing out my cellulite, I'd be using a lot more than bleedin' scrubby gloves. Glycolic body peels, HiPOXY machines, all the massage I could lay my hands on and as many amazing cellulite creams as I could get my minions to apply on a daily basis would all be on my essential maintenance list. Scrubby gloves? Not so much.


Do you believe this low maintenance tale? Take the poll and tell us your thoughts in a comment.

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