Lena Dunham Talks Womens Issues & Belief in Psychics

The more we see of her, the more we love. Not only is she addressing women's issues on a public level, she's also penning a newsletter which you can get sent directly to your inbox (when you figure out the sign up process, it seems tricky), which focussing on political figures and your reproductive system.

The highlight of the below video is where she admits to believing in the works of psychics, which many would consider a point of ridicule - mostly those who've never been to a psychic. Try it, you will be amazed.

I've been to loads, largely on account of both my parents passing over to the great beyond when I was much younger - that and my mum was always into it, so it's a good way of keeping in touch. When you get a bad one, it's really bad, but when you get a good one - MIND. BLOWN.


Anyone been to a medium or tarot card reader? Was it a good or bad experience for you?

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