Lent: Will You Be Giving Up Yer Aul Sins?

The pancakes are all eaten, those Jif plastic lemon thingys are shoved to the back of the press and we are into 40 forty and 40 nights of NO CRAIC at all.

I wonder if any other country does Lent like the Irish. We promise to lay off the alcohol until St Patrick's Day, when we will go wild like a thirsty Taz from Looney Tunes, fiendishly spinning around, slopping and spilling. And we can take the vow agin' chocolate very seriously. I mean, if your hand reaches for a Toffee Crisp at the newsagents, there is every chance that Ted Crilly will bound out from behind the counter waving a 'Careful Now' sign in your sinful face.

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As a child, the question of 'whatchagivinup?' went around the schoolyard like something from the Spanish Inquisition. Are you renouncing all crisps EXCEPT Monster Munch (historians suspect that they were actually available in the desert all those years ago)? Or will you turn your back on the pick 'n' mix?

But as an adult, your opportunity for sin is much greater - swearing, red meat, social media, the smokes; all possible sacrifices. And others opt to incorporate something into their lives like more exercise or washing their makeup brushes more than once every three years.


lenten sacrifice

So, tell us, are you giving up anything for Lent? Is it sayonara to the sauvignon and goodbye to the goodies?

Or maybe, in the holy spirit of beaut.ie, you'll finally vow to embrace the double cleanse for fear of our woman of the (face)cloth Laura popping out from behind your shower curtain, brandishing her very own 'Careful Now' sign?

To the comments!

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