Liam Hemsworth never 'formally' re-proposed to Miley

Just to make sure you're up to speed - Miley was seen sporting the engagement ring Liam Hemsworth gave her in 2012 before they split in the latter part of 2013. Then she reportedly moved back in with him. So now they're going to get married like they initially planned and live happily ever after, right?! Just in case everyone didn't already jump to that conclusion, news broke over the weekend that they were officially engaged again.

Well, "They are telling friends they’re engaged." This is according to a Us Weekly source, who added that26-year-old Liam "never formally proposed again." He just "noticed" (along with everyone else) that Miley was wearing the engagement ring he helped to design alongside jeweller Neil Lane. The source also offered this earth-shattering insight: "Miley is definitely ready to settle down."

While Miley may be ready, we're not. We're still trying to get over Liam's phantom relationship with Jennifer Lawrence. And, if we're being honest, things are just moving a little too fast for us. True, they were together for quite a while before splitting, but a lot can happen in two years - and they only got back together at New Years!! Apparently Miley flew to Australia to ring it in with Liam and her in-laws.

OK, we'll try to get used to the idea, but we're not making any promises. As ever, someone on twitter said it all.


If you're wondering what big brother Chris thinks about it all, he summed it up with a subtle: "I'm happy if he's happy, whatever he's doing in life." As for the nuptials: "I can't confirm any of that but, you know, he's smart [and] he's happy."

Have you ever reunited with an ex and just picked up exactly where you left off?

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