Liam Neeson addresses 'stupid' Kristen Stewart rumours

Liam Neeson is NOT dating Kristen Stewart, you guys... True, he said the unnamed lady he said he was involved with was "incredibly famous" but she wasn't in Twilight. 

So where did this rumour come from? Jezebel, a site which has its tongue rammed firmly in its cheek, posed the theory that Neeson's mystery lady was in fact Stewart. It seems a section of the internet isn't familiar with 'satire' so they took the theory as fact. And here's the theory...

"When searching a popular photo service for 'Tao NYC' (a nightclub/restaurant famous people and rich people who think they’re famous love to be seen at) only two famous people are in their archives as having been there on January 5th. Those two famous people are - you guessed it - Liam Neeson and Kristen Stewart."

The article even stated that said 'theory' was "based on almost nothing”, but it was enough.


Since then, Neeson's spokesperson has been kinda busy. According to they have been "dismissing it as 'meaningless speculation'... His spokesperson also told Gossip Cop the rumours were false and 'stupid'."

Because we needed telling.


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