Lindsay Lohan is back with a new TV show and it's so random

It's called 'The Anti Social Network' and it's basically 'Punk'd' but with Lindsay Lohan and smartphones.

A self-declared queen of social media (calm down Lindsay), the new prank show involves surrendering your social media channels to Lohan for a day in order to win cash money, with Lohan being the big sell/twist.

In the video she says: "I decided to hijack your social media - your Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, all of it - for 24 hours. If you can pull off three challenges, you’ll win some fabulous prizes. They won’t know that I’m the one pulling the strings."

Lohan debuted the trailer on Twitter this morning, and called out Piers Morgan to appear on it which would be an insane crossover moment for pop culture if it happens.


However there's no word on what channel or streaming service this is set to air so whether we'll ever see it remains to be seen.

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