Would you look who's returning to Fair City tonight

No, it's not Katy. They found her thank God. It's another Fair City staple who hasn't been around in a while.

We were starting to think we had seen the last of Dermot Fahey when he went on the run earlier in the year after embezzling Paul's money. It was an out of character move from Dermot, but he believed he was at death's door and wanted to make sure his kids had enough dosh after he was gone.

Turns out, good old Dermo went and survived the cancer, so was faced with a life as a fugitive (which you can tell by the blue cap below).

Clearly, it didn't suit him though as tonight he is back in Carrigstown with son Ben in tow, much to the surprise of Jane, who as viewers know, has been cosying up with Cathal recently.


Why is he back and what's his game plan now? We'll have to wait and see.

Catch Fair City tonight on RTE1 at 8 pm.

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