LORD HOLY GOD: Catherine Zeta Jones's Makeup Madness

Catherine zeta jones

Beaut.ie reader Aisling sent us an OMG-style email about the bleedin' stahrrah de slap on CZJ at a UN gala event in New York.

"[she] resembles the tin man from The Wizard of Oz", Aisling exclaimed, and I have to say - I agree. There's a desperate bang of robot off her alright - and what the feck is going on with the no-makeup-below-the-nose thing!? Perhaps, I thought, she was in a bit of a rush and got Michael to help? He is ancient, after all, and no doubt has cataracts and rheumy eyes - so perhaps this is the explanation.

Truly this is the most bizarre maquillage I have seen for some time, and I can only imagine how Catherine herself must feel. Famously litigous when it comes to photos, oh boy do I smell a lawsuit a-comin'.


PS:  I haven't even mentioned the zits - you lot can let rip.

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